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Circuit Rider Bible Study

Oct 25, 2019

In the Book of Acts the first followers of Jesus were known as followers of the way. "The way" refers to a journey or a path. Join Andy as he unravels the differences between the broad way and the narrow way referred to in the scriptures. We trust you will be encouraged and inspired in your faith as you listen.

Oct 18, 2019

Do you find yourself constantly worrying? You're not alone because most folks wrestle with fears and worries amidst our complicated daily struggle. You don't have to be controlled by worry and fretting about tomorrow.

Join Circuit Rider Andy Brink in the Book of Psalms for this encouraging admonition from the scriptures.

Oct 11, 2019

Are you tormented or driven by things that happened years ago? Maybe even something that happened recently that haunts you?
Be encouraged because God did not leave you there and today is a new beginning.

It's time to make peace with your past.